how to get the kitchen you actually want.

One of the biggest problems faced when undergoing a kitchen make-over or transformation, or even installing a custom kitchen in a new house is making sure that you get what you actually want.  With so many options and looks and feels, here are our top 4 suggestions on how to get the kitchen you actually want.

Figure out your house 'theme'.  I know, this sounds silly, but if your kitchen doesn't match your house theme, then you are out of luck for flow and consistency.  If you are going after a modern look throughout but you choose a traditional kitchen, you have just killed the homes flow.  

Use Houzz or Pinterest.  Create you idea boards and stick with your gut.  Remember step 1, decide on your theme. Now go ahead and create and share an idea board with your designer or your kitchen supplier to let them know which direction you are headed.  Great. Now you've figured out your 'theme' and shared an idea board.

Only you know your kitchen working habits. When working with your designer on layout of the kitchen, keep in mind that you have a working style in your kitchen. Think about the layout of the space as it pertains to you.  If you need everything to be local to the island, and you do all your prepping there, maybe you should have an island sink.  If you have a lot of large items, like crock pots and other kitchen tools, then consider large drawers over lower cabinets. Also remember that you are re-configuring an entire space, you may have the opportunity to create a pantry!

Colour is so important.  The last thing you want is to have to paint over.  Make sure you choose complimentary colours to your cabinetry.  If you have cool cabinets, choose cool colours. If you have dark coloured cabinet, make sure your walls aren't super dark too - you may loose your kitchen in the dark!

ONE LAST TIP:  Try working with a company that has all their resources under one roof. At Flow Kitchen & Bath, we have all the skilled trades and kitchen designer under one roof. This means that you are not paying sub-contractor fees over and above. This will help keep your budget tighter and allow you to splurge on pretty appliances or fancy hardware.